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Hi all as most you might know I actually collect coins and notes from all over the world some the rare coins I found have been in plain sight from atm’s from around Brisbane and coin exchange machines in the last week been to about 40 machines some have been hit and miss the one’s in Brisbane city seem to be the one that have the best coin return I was very lucky to find some of the great Aussie coin search coins and 2 rolls of uncirculated green donation coin’s

Coin rolls
Uncirculated $1 dollar coin’s

Bullion pick’s for the week

Bullion Archaeology weekly pick for gold and silver at the prices today

1oz ABC Bullion Minted Lunar Ox Coin Silver

I start by saying this weeks pick for coins will be 1oz ABC Bullion Minted Lunar Ox Coin I rank this in the high 9/10 why Becouse it has a stunning coins shine finsh also comes in plastic capsules and is protected by outer plastic seal which is good touching the out side rarely see them from outher mints.








1oz (32grams)



Year 2021

1oz ABC Bullion Minted Lunar Ox Coin Silver

Only the best will do

A lot of you know me as the guy who goes out his way only to find the best and gold and silver bars and coins to trade we still only go out for the best and those that pass our test get traded and swap. We do not sell or buy as we going make gold and silver the new currency of choice no compromise

Only the best and rarest coins and bars no compromise

Ainslie Bullion 10oz Silver Stacker Bar Review

Brand Ainslie Bullion

Mint Scottsdale refinery in the USA.

Finsh Machine Bar Shine

Size 10z

Availability Size’s 10oz

Ainslie Bullion have made this really great bar each bar has

Unique serials for each bar (meaning your bar is trackable if stolen)

– ISO9001 Certification (accredited assurance of weight and purity)

– Tamper evident features:

-Micro-reeded edges (only available on machined bars)

-Anti-forgery swirl pattern (face and cavity)

This stunning 10oz bar is from Scottsdale for aislie it’s one the most scure bars on the market
looks great and price Mid range at the time of writing this review it was about $412 Aud on the ainsile website the reason I got this stunning bar is it can be stacked easy if you have a safe or in my case I have a rented vault in Brisbane city this size ans shape make it a great beginner stacker bar or a ideal gift for someone who starting out

What is 10oz ?

10z is about 300 Grams

10x 1oz bars .